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If your chaotic life has you overwhelmed Less Is More Life Solutions will help you declutter it so you can be more present for the people and activities you love.


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Our Values


We strive to live out the sacrificial love of Jesus. This means we treat all people as God’s children...because they are.


3% of all revenue will go to Special Olympics. We are blessed to be a blessing. Give freely as God gives freely.


We actively cultivate relationship with Jesus, family, community, clients, and nature.


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Your Journey Toward Less

Helping You Move Toward Your More

Your journey to a more focused, present, confident, energized future can start now. We will help you uncover the areas of chaos and clutter in your life that lead to stress, anxiety, and distraction. We help you focus on your path forward saving you time, energy, and money so you are more free to focus on the people and activities you love.

You choose your path forward and we provide the resources and support you need to get you started down your path and to stay on your path. You will have a journey partner focused on your success that will guide you toward the right resource at the right time for you.

Start by decluttering your home, your schedule, and your attention based on your priorities. You then set goals and objectives for moving forward that keep your life as decluttered as possible.

We understand that life happens, but we believe that if we plan well we can all live a life focused on the people and activities we love.